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Summer Dog Sled Tours in Anchorage, Alaska

Summer Sled Dog Adventure and Scenic Mountain Tour

Two tour companies have merged giving you a one of a kind 2 ½ hour tour. Girdwood Mushing Company and Gold Mine Safari Tours have created a unique way to show you Alaska at its best. It’s like having two truly unforgettable tours in one!

An 8 mile journey in our open air 6x6 Pinzgauers takes you from sea level to an elevation of 1000 feet on the historical Iditarod trail―a trail that represents the endurance of the human spirit, and total resilience. At this elevation the mountains open up to one of the most scenic landscapes in all of Alaska.

Your guide will share the deep gold mining history of the area and the history of the historical Iditarod trail before arriving at Girdwood Mushing Company’s dog kennel. Brace yourself―you’re about to meet a team of adorable and lovable puppies!

Here you will meet 5 time Iditarod musher Nicolas Petit and his amazing sled dogs, who are seasoned racers and incredible athletes. Hear Nick’s stories about the Iditarod, observe dog handling techniques, and interact with the dogs that ran 1049 miles from Anchorage to Nome―truly incredible athletes. Experience the excitement and energy of these athletes as Nick hooks them up for your dog sled cart ride. You can feel the raw power of these sled dogs as you ride through trails high up in the mountains, and experience their athletic abilities and strong spirit first-hand. The sled dogs respond to Nicks commands as a whole, moving and navigating as if they were of one mind. It’s a sight to see, and an experience you will never forget!

After your cart ride, you will visit our beautiful puppy pavilion. This is your chance to cuddle and play with future Iditarod champions in their cutest and cuddliest phase. If you thought the sled dogs were cute, the puppies will surely melt your heart. You can snuggle with your favorite puppy for a great picture.

Check out Iditarod memorabilia including Nick's racing sled, trophies, and all the gear and warm clothing that he needs to survive in temperatures of 40-60 below while racing over a thousand miles in unforgiving conditions. There is a reason it’s called “The Last Great Race”!

When it’s time to say good bye to the puppies, we will take you back to Girdwood with your big smiles and a lot of photos. Contact Alyeska Tours to learn more about the amenities involved in your journey, and to book your trip with our enthusiastic team!

Departure Times: 9:00 & 12:30 (custom tour times available)

Pick-Up Anywhere in Girdwood

Total Tour Time: 2.5 hours

$148 adults / $98 children 5–12


We offer customized trips for any occasion!

View the Girdwood Mushing Company Pavilion  More information about Nick Petit

Dog Sled Tours Anchorage - Nick Petit

What is a “Pinzgauer?”

Developed and built in Austria for the Swiss Army during the cold war. The Pinzgauer has amazing off road capabilities with comfortable seating for an unforgettable experience.

Daily Departures

Pick-up anywhere in Girdwood

Summer Sled Dog Adventure
Tour Departures Time:
9:00 & 12:30*
*custom tour times available

Total Tour Time:
2.5 hours

$148 per adult
$98 children 5 - 12
Children 4 & under free


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