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ABOUT Girdwood mushing Company

Girdwood Mushing Company’s SUMMER SLED DOG ADVENTURE has been a dream in progress for several years and we are happy to finally share the dream with you beginning in the summer of 2015!

Nicolas Petit, 5 time Iditarod runner, has dreamed of returning to Girdwood with his dogs since 2010. Nick lived in Girdwood for 10 years beginning in 2000. It was while living in Girdwood that Nick developed his passion for sled dogs. He had to leave the valley in 2010 to become an Alaskan dog musher and Iditarod runner.  Nick and his dogs have realized their dream of returning home to Girdwood as the Girdwood Mushing Company. They are very excited to share the Alaska state sport of dog mushing with you! An accomplished Iditarod musher, Alaskan sled dogs, a brand new custom built dog cart, adorable puppies that will one day run the Iditarod, and our beautiful new pavilion set in the stunning Chugach Mountains


Summer Sled Dog Adventure


More information about Nick Petit

What is a Pinzgauer?

Developed and built in Austria for the Swiss Army during the Cold War. The Pinzgauer has amazing off-road capabilities with comfortable seating for an unforgettable experience. It is considered by many to be the best off-road vehicle ever produced, surpassing even the Hummer in maneuverability and reliability tests. They are aptly named after a hearty breed of Austrian work horse renowned for its exceptional mountain climbing ability.


The Pinzgauer is also notorious for its quality craftsmanship. With only 1,300 vehicles produced each year (1971-1985), these are essentially hand-made, low production, high quality machines. As a result, despite its high sticker price, It has been the choice for many militaries around the world.